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isamu noguchi / danh vo – "a cloud and flowers"
isamu noguchi / danh vo – "a cloud and flowers"
mudam luxenbourg december 11, 2021 - september 19, 2022

For this exhibition in mudam luxenbourg danh vo meditates on isamu noguchi work.

Nairy Baghramian - Breath Holding Spell
Nairy Baghramian - Breath Holding Spell
Vienna Secession November 20, 2021 – January 23, 2022

Vienna Secession presents Nairy Baghramian's Breath Holding Spell.

mariana castillo deball - "amarantus"
mariana castillo deball - "amarantus"
MUAC, UNAM october 16, 2021 - may 1st, 2022

"Amarantus" is the first retrospective in Mexico of the work of Mariana Castillo Deball at MUAC, UNAM.

Minerva Cuevas and Leonor Antunes present "Witch Hunt"
Minerva Cuevas and Leonor Antunes present "Witch Hunt"
the hammer and the institute of contemporary art, los angeles october 10, 2021 - january 09, 2022

Witch Hunt presents the work of 16 midcareer women artists from 13 countries, who use feminist, queer, and decolonial strategies to investigate current and historical political events, social conditions, and overlooked or suppressed artistic legacies including those of Minerva Cuevas and Leonor Antunes.

miguel calderón - "materia estética disponible"
miguel calderón - "materia estética disponible"
museo marco, monterrey october 8, 2021 - february 2022

The Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Monterrey (MARCO) presents Materia Estética Disponible, a curatorial revisión of the last three decades in the work of Miguel Calderón (Mexico City 1971). 

Sofía Táboas - "Thermal Range" and "Ambient Temperature"
Sofía Táboas - "Thermal Range" and "Ambient Temperature"
Museo Jumex October 7, 2021 – February 13, 2022

Two complementary exhibitions present the work of Sofía Táboas at the Jumex Museum starting on October 7, 2021.

Both explore the relationships between human and natural forces: Thermal Range does so through her individual trajectory and Ambient Temperature through the perspective she has on the work of her contemporaries.

anri sala - kunsthaus bregenz
anri sala - kunsthaus bregenz
kunsthaus bregenz - austria July 17 - October 10, 2021

Anri Sala´s solo exhibition: Anri Sala at Kunsthaus Bregenz in Austria.

"El tiempo en las cosas" del Museo Amparo
"El tiempo en las cosas" del Museo Amparo
museo amparo - puebla july 13, 2021

"El tiempo en las cosas" in the Amparo Museum in Puebla presents as part of its permanent Contemporary Art Collection, the work of Damián Ortega, Gabriel Orozco, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Daniel Guzmán, Dr. Lakra, Carlos Amorales, Eduardo Abaroa, Sofia Táboas, Iñaki Bonillas, Mariana Castillo Deball and Minerva Cuevas.

periphery of the night - Apichatpong Werseethakul
periphery of the night - Apichatpong Werseethakul
institut d'art contemporain, villeurbanne/ rhône-alpes July 1 – November 28, 2021

“Periphery of the night”is Apichatpong Werseethakul's solo exhibition at the IAC Villeurbanne, France on view until november 28, 2021.


cien del MUAC
cien del MUAC
MUAC - Mexico City June 6 - October 10, 2021

Carlos Amorales, Gabriel Orozco, Damián Ortega, and Minerva Cuevas are participating in the exhibition "cien del  MUAC".

nairy baghramian - misfits
nairy baghramian - misfits
galleria d'arte moderna - milan may 26 until september 26, 2021

Fondazione Furla and Galleria d'Arte Moderna (GAM), Milan, announce "Misfits", a Nairy Baghramian exhibition curated by Bruna Roccasalva. 

jimmie durham - royal gardens venice
jimmie durham - royal gardens venice
royal gardens venice may 18, 2021 - 6pm

Labinac's exhibition opening is tomorrow! The design collective composed by Jimmie Durham and Maria Thereza Alves will showcase limited edition design pieces and a special site-specific installation at the Royal Gardens in Venice.


press: los angeles gets its own gallery weekend
press: los angeles gets its own gallery weekend
the new york times July 5, 2021

Read the full review on Barbara Sánchez-Kane´s new project at the group exhibition "Nuestrxs Putxs" at Human Resources LA for "Gallery Weekend Los Angeles", the first offline event in The New York Times.

zona maco 2021
zona maco 2021
kurimanzutto - mexico city april 27 - may 2, 2021

Siembra's flexible and porous ecosystem expands during ZⓈONAMACO 2021 to welcome a multiplicity of voices from the community. 

eduardo abaroa & sofia táboas - imaginario vegetal
eduardo abaroa & sofia táboas - imaginario vegetal
museo amparo - puebla february 28 - december 31, 2021

Eduardo Abaroa, Sofia Táboas and a group of mexican artisans collaborated to mold and carve a collection of 53 sculptures of different dimensions, whose shapes correspond to plants, roots or animals, such as mandrakes, insects, birds-dolphins, flowers of different types, peyotes, artichokes, nopales, avocados, trees, sheep-dogs, scorpion worms, branches, a flying saucer, among many more at Museo Amparo in Puebla.

normal exceptions: contemporary art in mexico
normal exceptions: contemporary art in mexico
museo jumex - mexico city march 27- august 15, 2021

kurimanzutto is proud to announce the group exhibition: Normal Exceptions: Contemporary Art in Mexico in Museo Jumex in which Abraham Cruzvillegas, Daniel Guzmán, Damián Ortega, Eduardo Abaroa, Gabriel Kuri, Gabriel Orozco, Iñaki Bonillas, and Miguel Calderón participate.

Through Eyes and Mouth: Jimmie Durham as Seen by Haegue Yang
Through Eyes and Mouth: Jimmie Durham as Seen by Haegue Yang
kurimanzutto Art Basel: Pioneers Online Viewing Room march 24-27, 2021.

Haegue Yang selects a number of works by the artist, poet, author, essayist and political activist, Jimmie Durham. 

anri sala, time no longer, 2021.
anri sala - time no longer
buffalo bayou park cistern - houston march 12 - december 12, 2021

Time No Longer is Anri Sala's underground installation in Houston's Buffalo Bayou Park Cistern where film, sound and installation collide to pay homage to former African American astronaut and saxophonist Ronald McNair.

jimmie durham & haegue yang - materials and objects
jimmie durham & haegue yang - materials and objects
tate modern - london until november 2021

Jimmie Durham & Haegue Yang participate in Tate Modern's Room 6 and 9 Displays: Materials and Objects.

south south veza
south south veza
online community of 50+ galleries dedicated to art from the Global South and its diaspora february 23 - march 7, 2021

We are thrilled to be a part of this new gallery-led initiative - an online community of 50+ galleries dedicated to art from the Global South and its diaspora.

mariana castillo deball, amarantus, museum für gegenwartskunst siegen, germany, 2021
mariana castillo deball - amarantus
museum für gegenwartskunst siegen - germany january 29 - may 24, 2021

The exhibition at MGKSiegen is the first solo presentation in Germany covering the Mexican artist's complete œuvre. Works from the last 15 years are being presented in 14 rooms. 

jimmie durham's caliban codex for moma collection
Jimmie Durham, David Hammons, and Cady Noland - Collection 1970s–Present
moma - new york floor 2, 207

Although the works on display were made in the late 1980s and early 1990s—a period of dissent against decades of conservative government in the United States—the concerns they raise remain urgent.

abraham cruzvillegas - agua dulce
abraham cruzvillegas - agua dulce
the bass - miami november 29, 2020 - april 18, 2021

Commissioned by the museum, the project will bring the artist’s philosophy of autoconstrucción or self-construction, a practice of resilience and generosity, to The Bass’ Collins Park. 

art basel online viewing room: miami beach
art basel online viewing room: miami beach
december 4-6, 2020

kurimanzutto is proud to participate in Art Basel OVR: Miami Beach 2020 featuring a selection of works by: Gabriel Orozco, Nairy Baghramian, Haegue Yang, Jimmie Durham, Damián Ortega, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Carlos Amorales, Roberto Gil de Montes, Wilfredo Prieto, Miguel Calderón. 

rirkrit tiravanija recipe for bangkok art biennale 2020
rirkrit tiravanija in - bab 2020
bangkok art biennale october 29, 2020 - january 31, 2021

Rirkrit Tiravanija takes part in Bangkok Art Biennale (BAB), a biannual art festival set in the capital of Thailand. 

adrián villar rojas and jimmie durham in - POTENTIAL WORLDS 2: ECO-FICTIONS
adrián villar rojas and jimmie durham in - POTENTIAL WORLDS 2: ECO-FICTIONS
migros museum - zurich october 24, 2020 - february 21, 2021

Potential Worlds 2: Eco-Fictions inquires into the potential worlds that might emerge from the ruins of humanity’s making

haegue yang and nairy baghramian in - ground/work
haegue yang and nairy baghramian in - ground/work
the clark institute - williamstown october 2020

Haegue Yang and Nairy Baghramian take part in The Clark Institute's first outdoor exhibition of site-specific comissioned works.

apichatpong weerasethakul - daata art fair - 2020
apichatpong weerasethakul in daata art fair
october 5-25, 2020

Daata Art Fair is a new art fair dedicated to showcasing the best of international contemporary video and digital art. kurimanzutto with Apichatpong Weerasethakul is participating with the pieces: Invisibility, 2016; Fireworks (Archive), 2014; and Ashes, 2012. 

frieze viewing room
frieze viewing room
october 9-16, 2020

kurimanzutto is proud to participate in Frieze Viewing Room.

haegue yang, installation view of strange attractors, tate st ives, cornwall, 2020
haegue yang - strange attractors
tate st ives - cornwall october 24, 2020 – may 3, 2021

Yang’s exhibition creates an environment in which uncanny and seemingly disparate ideas, cultures, relations and time periods coexist.

tarek atoui in fridericianum, kassel
tarek atoui - waters' witness
fridericianum - kassel october 3, 2020 – january 17, 2021

The Fridericianum presents Waters’ Witness, the first solo exhibition in Germany of the work of Tarek Atoui.

haegue yang - the cone of concern
haegue yang - the cone of concern
museum of contemporary art and design, manila october 15, 2020 - february 28, 2021

The Cone of Concern at the MCAD centers around the idea of the ‘tropical depression’, a weather disturbance characterized by strong winds that take place mostly in the region of the Pacific Ocean and Indian Ocean.

mariana castillo deball's exhbition between making and knowing something in modern art oxford
mariana castillo deball - between making and knowing something
modern art oxford october 2, 2020 – january 3, 2021

Deball’s exhibition focuses on sharing the stories of a number of little-known female anthropologists and indigenous storytellers and makers. 

haegue yang – emergence
haegue yang – emergence
art gallery of ontario october 1, 2020 – january 31, 2021

Featuring over 70 sculptures, installations and performances from the past twenty-five years, Haegue Yang: Emergence includes a selection of early works as well as two new installations comissioned for the ocasion. 

haegue yang - o2 & h2o
haegue yang - o2 & h2o
national museum of modern and contemporary art - seoul september 29, 2020 – february 28, 2021

In MMCA Hyundai Motor Series 2020: Haegue Yang - O2 & H2O, the artist attempts another leap toward "the abstraction of reality."

alexandra bachzetsis - chasing a ghost
alexandra bachzetsis - chasing a ghost
bundeskunsthalle, bonn & mudam, luxembourg september 22, 2020 – 8 pm | september 25 - 26, 2020 – 9 pm

This performance investigates fluidity and permanence via the body, identity, the moving image and performance, challenging definitions of physical, emotional and psychological relationships.

gabriel kuri in gerlach en koop was machen sie um zwei? ich schlafe
gabriel kuri in gerlach en koop was machen sie um zwei? ich schlafe
gak - bremen september 19, 2020 - february 28, 2021

Gabriel Kuri presents chinese whispers, a collection of airline blankets with adhesive fruit labels, in the group show gerlach en koop was machen Sie um zwei? Ich sclafe at GAK Bremen.

leonor antunes, joints, voids and gaps at mudam luxemburgo, 2020
leonor antunes - joints, voids and gaps
mudam - luxembourg october 10, 2020 – april 5, 2021

The artist created a new installation that exploits the physical qualities and proportions of this iconic architectural space designed by Ieoh Ming Pei.

leonor antunes: sequences, inversions and permutations
leonor antunes: sequences, inversions and permutations
the box plymouth from September 29, 2020

For the first exhibition in St Luke’s, Antunes has been commissioned by The Box to create a new east window design, alongside a series of new sculptural works.

allora & calzadilla: specters of noon
allora & calzadilla: specters of noon
the menil collection - houston september 26, 2020 - june 20, 2021

The Menil Collection presents a major exhibition of seven sculptural works by the artists Allora & Calzadilla that revolve around this concept, serving as a manifestation of noon’s hold over humankind and as a metaphor for the uncertainties defining our time.

tarek atoui in sharjah art foundation
tarek atoui: cycles in 11
sharjah art foundation september 19, 2020 – april 10, 2021

Marking over a decade of collaboration with Sharjah Art Foundation and the surrounding community, Tarek Atoui’s exhibition Cycles in 11 centres around experimental and innovative musical forms and offers audiences opportunities to learn about and explore instrument-making, compositional structure and musical collaboration.

allora & calzadilla, abraham cruzvillegas, adrián villar rojas, danh vo, haegue yang in - the willfulness of objects
allora & calzadilla, abraham cruzvillegas, adrián villar rojas, danh vo, haegue yang in - the willfulness of objects
the bass - miami permanent collection

The Willfulness of Objects presents a selection of works from The Bass’ collection, many newly acquired, by artists who utilize found, altered, recycled, or transformed everyday objects as their materials to explore facets of human nature, history, and the surrounding environment.

abraham cruzvillegas - The 1st Intergalactic Summit of Independent Art Spaces
abraham cruzvillegas - The 1st Intergalactic Summit of Independent Art Spaces
sandwich - bucharest september 11 - october 16, 2020

Abraham Cruzvillegas with the assistance of Sandiwch Gallery, has invited artist-run spaces from various countries, the great majority of which have responded positively, to send us instructions for a group exhibition of group exhibitions. 

wendy cabrera rubio and Charlie godet thomas - how to make a painting behave like a landscape
wendy cabrera rubio and Charlie godet thomas - how to make a painting behave like a landscape
museo jumex - mexico city august 4 - september 6, 2020

This exhibition brings together two Mexico City-based artists whose work draws from the languages of comic-strips and cartoons.

Anri Sala, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Allora & Calzadilla, Carlos Amorales, Damián Ortega, Danh Vo, Gabriel Kuri, Gabriel Orozco, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Sarah Lucas in - on the razor's edge
Anri Sala, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Allora & Calzadilla, Carlos Amorales, Damián Ortega, Danh Vo, Gabriel Kuri, Gabriel Orozco, Rirkrit Tiravanija and Sarah Lucas in - on the razor's edge
museo jumex - mexico city august 18, 2020 - february 13, 2020

On the Razor’s Edge is an international exhibition that brings together works within four thematic sections: migration and liberty; the human body; its environment; and the irrepressible and forever incomplete passage of time.

anri sala - 2020 +
anri sala - 2020 +
red brick art museum - beijing august 1 - october 18, 2020

Anri Sala participates in the exhibition 2020 +  with his piece If and Only If, where a garden snail slowly crawls from one end of a viola bow to the other, disturbing the subtle balance of the musician’s performance.

gabriel kuri - spending static to save gas
gabriel kuri - spending static to save gas
douglas hyde gallery - dublin august 12 - september 12, 2020

For his first solo exhibition in Ireland, Kuri presents a new site-specific installation that recasts the cavernous architecture of the Douglas Hyde Gallery, creating a static field to reduce the building's energy use during the run of the exhibition.

iñaki bonillas - companion pieces: new photography 2020
iñaki bonillas - companion pieces: new photography 2020
museum of modern art - new york september 21, 2020

Companion Pieces: New Photography 2020 traces correspondence between images — from pendant pictures that together convey a shared message; to visual echoes reverberating through montage; to photographic series that, woven together, deliver more complex accounts of the world.

miguel calderón - el castillo de las junglas imposibles
miguel calderón - el castillo de las junglas imposibles
CHÂTEAU DE SERRIGNY august 28 - October 4, 2020

art+château presents El Castillo de las junglas imposibles (The Castle of the Impossible Jungles), its first-ever exhibitio in the historic setting of the Château de Serrigny in Burgundy. The show features 14 artists from Latin America, including Miguel Calderón. 

anri sala - as you go (châteaux en espagne)
anri sala - as you go (châteaux en espagne)
centro botín - santander december 14 - september 13, 2020

Centro Botín presents AS YOU GO (Châteaux en Espagne), a new project by Anri Sala. His work explores non-verbal forms of communication with innovative narrative techniques. 

monika sosnowska
monika sosnowska
zacheta national gallery of art - warsaw july 24 - october 25, 2020

This exhibition is the first such large monographic presentation of the artist’s work in Poland. It features the older works selected from her comprehensive output as well as more recent works focusing around new themes and inspirations.

danh vo - ov hnad
danh vo - ov hnad
the national museum of art - osaka june 2 - october 11, 2020

This long-awaited first solo exhibition at a Japanese art museum presents a comprehensive picture of Danh Vo which features approximately 40 pieces including new and recent ones, among them a collaborative project with the family of the late US Defense Secretary Robert McNamara.

wilfredo prieto - chiudere un occhio
wilfredo prieto - chiudere un occhio
fondazione morra greco - naples september 26 - november 30, 2019

Wifredo Prietowill present an exhibition of all new work, produced during his residency period in Naples, taking over the entire building of Palazzo Caracciolo di Avellino: Fondazione Morra Greco becomes Fondazione Morra Prieto.

nairy baghramian - performa 19 biennial
nairy baghramian - performa 19 biennial
new york november 1 - 24, 2019

Nairy Baghramian participates in Performa 19, taking place over a period of three weeks at locations throughout New York City, which once again celebrates the extraordinary vitality, inventiveness and significance of New York as a leading global performance capital of the world. 

rirkrit tiravanija - fear eats the soul
rirkrit tiravanija - fear eats the soul
glenstone - washington opening: september 26, 2019

This exhibition blurs the boundaries between art and life, a key aspect of the artist’s practice that has led him at times to abandon the art object in favor of creating shared, immersive experiences.

akram zaatari - against photography
akram zaatari - against photography
sharjah art foundation - sharjah september 27, 2019 - january 10, 2020

This exhibition reflects on the evolution of the Arab Image Foundation (AIF) and its collections through the work and contributions of its co-founder Akram Zaatari.

anri sala - le temps coudé
anri sala - le temps coudé
mudam - luxembourg october 11, 2019 - january 5, 2020

This exhibition presents an ensemble of new and recent works juxtaposed with older pieces that will be accompanied by a major work, The Last resort.

mariana castillo deball - replaying life's tape
mariana castillo deball - replaying life's tape
muma - melbourne october 5 - december 7, 2019

For her project at MUMA, Castillo Deball has focused on Nilpena, an area north of Adelaide, which is home to one of the most well-preserved ediacara fossil sites in the world.

fernando ortega, tarek atoui in - okayama art summit 2019
fernando ortega, tarek atoui in - okayama art summit 2019
various venues - okayama september 27 - november 24, 2019

Okayama Art Summit is an international exhibition of contemporary art that offers visitors the opportunity not only to see exciting exhibits but also to experience the thought processes of the artists.

jimmie durham - do you say i am lying?
jimmie durham - do you say i am lying?
culturgest - porto september 14 - january 5, 2019

Inspired by José Saramago’s The year of the death of Ricardo Reis, the works in the exhibition include quotes from the book that, typed or handwritten, are individually integrated into each piece.

haegue yang in - istanbul biennial
haegue yang in - istanbul biennial
istanbul september 14 - november 10, 2019

The Istanbul Biennial has served as a dynamic plane of interaction, a meeting point, and a critical site for the development of new aesthetic and political visions.

abraham cruzvillegas - the ballad of etc.
abraham cruzvillegas - the ballad of etc.
the arts club of chicago september 12 - december 21, 2019

Assembling works from materials sourced in both Chicago and Michoacán, his ancestral home in the west of Mexico, Abraham Cruzvillegas meditates on the nature of rootedness and drift in The Ballad of etc.

gabriel kuri - sorted, resorted
gabriel kuri - sorted, resorted
wiels - brussels september 6, 2019 - january 5, 2020

This exhibition adopts materials as its organizing principle, sorting his works into four categories: paper, plastic, metal, and construction materials.

rirkrit tiravanija in - we are many: experiments in collectivity
rirkrit tiravanija in - we are many: experiments in collectivity
pinacoteca de são paulo - são paulo august 10 – october 28, 2019

This exhibition presents artistic experiences designed as direct or indirect dialogues with Hélio Oiticica and Joseph Beuys’ production, two of the most important and active artists of the second half of the twentieth century.

Danh Vo participates in South London Gallery with her exhibition Untitled
danh vo - untitled
south london gallery - london september 19 - november 24, 2019

This exhibition continues the largely conceptual practice of Danh Vo in which he interweaves fragments of archives and personal references, often evoking experiences of migration and integration to destabilize the entrenched structures of legitimacy within citizenship and identification.

haegue yang in - an opera for animals
haegue yang in - an opera for animals
rockbund art museum - shanghai june 22 - august 25, 2019

The exhibition is part of a long-term collaboration between the two institutions and the institutional exchange will see another exhibition at Para Site, Hong Kong in September 2020.

Haegue Yang participates in MoMA in New York with her exhibition Handles
haegue yang - handles
moma - new york october 21, 2019 – spring 2020

Handles, Yang's installation comissioned for MOMA's Marron Atrium, features six sculptures that are activated daily, dazzling geometries and the play of light and sound, to create a ritualized and complex environment with both personal and political resonance.

haegue yang participa en the bass museum of art - miami beach con su exposicion in the cone of uncertainty
haegue yang - in the cone of uncertainty
the bass museum of art - miami beach november 2, 2019 - april 5, 2020

In the Cone of Uncertainty foregrounds Haegue Yang’s (b. 1971, Seoul) consistent curiosity about the world and tireless experimentation with materializing the complexity of identities in flux. 

Danh Vo participates in Mudam in Luxembourg with her exhibition The Mudam Collection and Pinault Collection in dialogue
danh vo - the mudam collection and pinault collection in dialogue
mudam - luxembourg april 20 - august 25, 2019

A first presentation will be displayed in Mudam’s Sculpture Garden, from 20 April to 25 August 2019, with a selection of emblematic works by the artist Danh Vo from Pinault Collection. This conversation between the two collections is the result of close consultation with Danh Vo and Caroline Bourgeois, curator of Pinault Collection.

abraham cruzvillegas and bárbara foulkes - autorreconstrucción: insistir, insistir, insistir
abraham cruzvillegas and bárbara foulkes - autorreconstrucción: insistir, insistir, insistir
la tallera - cuernavaca july 27 - october 20, 2019

Autorreconstrucción: insistir, insistir, insistir is a collaboration between Abraham Cruzvillegas (Mexico City, 1968) and Bárbara Foulkes (Buenos Aires, 1982) in which they incorporate sculpture and dance through a series of choreographic actions, linked to gravity, suspension and movement

Minerva Cuevas participates in Mishkin Gallery in New York with her exhibition Disidencia
minerva cuevas - disidencia
mishkin gallery - new york august 29 - november 1, 2019

For her first solo exhibition in New York, artist Minerva Cuevas presents a body of video work that makes concise connections between the consequences of dominant economic ideologies and urgent, global ecological and social issues.

gabriel kuri participate in swiss institute - new york with si onsite
gabriel kuri in - si onsite
swiss institute - new york from june 27, 2019

SI ONSITE is a series of commissioned and borrowed semi-permanent works and installations exhibited in non-gallery spaces of the building. In the reception area, reading room, stairways, hallways, roof, elevator and other interstitial spaces.

Abraham Cruzvillegas participates in the Museo Tamayo in Mexico City with her exhibition Autodeconstruction 8
autodestrucción 8 by abraham cruzvillegas in - la guerra fría
museo tamayo - mexico city july 6 - september 8, 2019

La guerra fría is about emotional tension between individuals and the tension between way of representing reallity. A thrid unites the protagonists. He's a sound engineer; he mixes tracks and also people (he has introduced the characters and in a way "produced" them). This "third party included", a necessary witness of the relationship, gives another weight to the decisions. How much do you depend on him? Can you love each other if he disappears?


Alexandra Bachzetsis participates in Neuer Berlin Kunsteverin in Berlín with her exhibition Instruction Pieces
alexandra bachzetsis - instruction pieces
neuer berliner kunstverein - berlin june 18 - july 26, 2019

In her choreographies, performances, videos and sculptures, Alexandra Bachzetsis examines how contemporary media culture inscribes itself in the body. The core of her exhibition at Neuer Berliner Kunstverein (n.b.k.) consists of her latest body of works Escape Act (2018). Bachzetsis picks up stereotypical ideals of body and behavior spread by mass media and treats them by means of persiflage.

sarah lucas - au naturel
sarah lucas - au naturel
hammer museum - los angeles june 9 - september 1, 2019

Over the past 30 years, Sarah Lucas has created a distinctive and provocative body of work that subverts traditional notions of gender, sexuality, and identity. Since the late 1980s, Lucas has transformed found objects and everyday materials such as furniture, cigarettes, vegetables, and stockings into absurd and confrontational tableaux that boldly challenge social norms. 

Rirkrit Tiravanija participates in The Institute Of Contemporary Arts in London with her exhibition untitled
rirkrit tiravanija - untitled 2019 (the form of the flower is unknown to the seed)
the institute of contemporary arts - london june 6, 2019 - june 7, 2020

The Institute of Contemporary Arts is proud to present a newly commissioned permanently sited work by Rirkrit Tiravanija.

Mariana Catillo Deball participates in Witte De With Center For Contemporary Art in Rotterdam with her exhibition A Solo Exhibition
mariana castillo deball - a solo exhibition
witte de with center for contemporary art - rotterdam may 26 - august 25, 2019

This solo exhibition presents three distinct kinds of work—and worlds—created by Castillo Deball in the past decade. They strike a balance between material folds and unfolding ideas, whereby multiple senses of time are experienced in the blank spaces of a drawing, in the negative space of sculpture, or in the wrinkles of a surface. For years, Castillo Deball’s work has consistently manifested the ways in which the passage of time is illustrated, organized, and expressed in nature as much as in artifice.

allora & calzadilla - graft
allora & calzadilla - graft
garage museum of contemporary art - moscow may 26 - december 1, 2019

Using a poetic and scientific approach, Allora & Calzadilla create an installation that transcends borders that provokes a subtle but powerful visualization of the ecological crisis that we all must collectively face.

Rirkrit Tiravanija participates in Hirshhorn Museum in Washington with her exhibition (who's afraid of red, yellow and green)
rirkrit tiravanija - (who's afraid of red, yellow and green)
hirshhorn museum - washington may 17 - july 24, 2019

Organized by Mark Beasley, the museum’s Robert and Arlene Kogod Secretarial Scholar, Curator of Media and Performance Art, the exhibition transforms the Hirshhorn’s galleries into a communal dining space in which visitors are served curry and invited to share a meal together. 

carlos amorales participa en el Lille 3000 Eldorado  Mexico con su exposicion  protesta fantasma
carlos amorales - protesta fantasma
lille 3000 april 27 - december 1, 2019

Eldorado seeks to be a movement that highlights the qualities on which the wealth of the Lille region is built: its inhabitants and their ability to invent new models for better living together, its companies, which are innovating to create a new economy and a network of links between artists, researchers and citizens. 

Rirkrit Tiravanija participates in Centro Pecci in Prato with her exhibition Tomorrow Is The Question
rirkrit tiravanija - tomorrow is the question
centro pecci - prato april 19 - august 25, 2019

Tomorrow Is the Question is the first solo exhibition in an Italian museum by Rirkrit Tiravanija (Buenos Aires, 1961), one of the most influential artists of his generation, known internationally for works that bring real life inside the spaces of art, achieved by the active intervention of the public and breaking down all barriers between the object and spectator.

gabriel orozco participa the noguchi museum - nueva york con la exposicion rotating objects
gabriel orozco - rotating objects
the noguchi museum - new york april 17 - august 11, 2019

Orozco’s Obi Scrolls were fashioned by incising, rotating, and reversing sections of fragments of antique kimono sashes (obi). The results were then mounted on scrolls as paintings, converting conventions of wrapping into explicit content.

Gabriel Orozco participates in the international collection building - national museum of fine arts of habana in La Habana with her exhibition Veladoras Arte Universal
gabriel orozco - veladoras arte universal
the international collection building - national museum of fine arts of habana april 11 - september 2, 2019

The creative poetry of Gabriel Orozco is the museum's international proposal for the programming of the 13th Bienal de La Havana.

Minerva Cuevas participates in DAAD Galerie in Berlin with her exhibition No Room To Play
minerva cuevas - no room to play
daad galerie - berlin april 11 - june 9, 2019

Minerva Cuevas works move at the interface to political action and practices of social self-determination. Conditions of global food production, the economization and distribution of natural resources on a global level as well as the social causes and consequences of climate change and neoliberal labour market policies are recurring themes in her work.

Alexandra Bachzetsis participates in Pioneer Works in New York with her exhibition Escape Act
alexandra bachzetsis - escape act
pioneer works - new york april 11-12, 2019

Pioneer Works presents for the first time in the United States the performance Escape Act by Alexandra Bachzetsis.

Carlos Amorales participates in Fondazione Adolfo Pini in Milan with her exhibition L´ora Dannata
carlos amorales - l’ora dannata
fondazione adolfo pini - milan april 2 - july 8, 2019

For the Fondazione Adolfo Pini has conceived the exhibition l'ora dannata centred on the installation of the environmental dimensions Black Cloud and on various elements related to the project Life in the folds. The exhibition also includes silhouettes and other works by the artist, in a continuos change between images and signs.

adrián villar rojas participate in tank - shanghai with sometimes you wonder, in an interconnected universe, who is dreaming who?
adrián villar rojas - sometimes you wonder, in an interconnected universe, who is dreaming who?
tank - shanghai march 23 – october 7, 2019

The sculptural work of adrián villar rojas - sometimes you wonder, in an interconnected universe, who is dreaming who? traces the chronology of its origins through the materials with which they are made and the physical and mental landscapes with which they are used. A complete visual map of the exhibition and the concepts it encompasses (in the form of a booklet) provides the keys to reading and navigating the creative process of Villar Rojas.

Carlos Amorales participates in BAMPFA in Berkeley with her exhibition Ghost Demostration
carlos amorales - ghost demonstration
bampfa - berkeley march 27 - october 13, 2019

In this new commission for the BAMPFA Art Wall, entitled Ghost Demonstration, Amorales draws from the multiple histories of mural art in Mexico, the political demonstrations that occurred in Berkeley in the 1960s (as well as more recent events), and protests in the United Kingdom in the 1980s.

Leonor Antunes participates in Palazzo Giustinian Lolin in Venice with her exhibition a seam, a surface, a hinge or a knot
leonor antunes in - biennale di venezia. a seam, a surface, a hinge or a knot
palazzo giustinian lolin - venice may 11 - november 24, 2019

kurimanzutto is delighted to felicitate Leonor Antunes with a seam, a surface, a hinge or a knot representing the Portugal Pavilion at the Fundazione Ugo et Olga Levi Onlus, Palazzo Giustinian Lolin. 

Allora & Calzadilla participates in Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao with her exhibition The Tropical Pharmacy
allora & calzadilla - the tropical pharmacy
guggenheim museum - bilbao march 15 - june 23, 2019

Providing the title to the exhibition, The Bell, the Digger, and the Tropical Pharmacy (2013) spectacularly documents the demolition of one of the largest US-owned pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in Puerto Rico, an event that is emblematic of the island’s highly asymmetrical political and economic framework of colonial exceptionality, defined by the reckless pace of capital flight in an “un-incorporated” territory and the low levels of corporate accountability in the exploitation of the region’s resources.

Anri Sala participates in Castillo Di Rivoli in Turin with her exhibition As You Go
anri sala - as you go
castello di rivoli - turin february 26 - june 23, 2019

The artist uses the architectural space to fold together visual, sound and tactile elements in order to generate new interpretations of history and new possibilities within an emancipatory vision of language and culture.

haegue yang particpate in south london gallery with tracing movement
haegue yang - tracing movement
south london gallery - london march 8 - may 26, 2019

On the walls, large-scale works from Yang’s Trustworthies series (ongoing since 2011) are shown alongside new Hardware Store Collages (2012- ) and Lacquer Paintings (1994- ), creating a visual dialogue between familiar household objects and abstraction.

Abraham Cruzvillegas participates in The Contemporary Austin in Austin with her exhibition Hi, How are you, Gonzo?
abraham cruzvillegas - hi, how are you, gonzo?
the contemporary austin - austin march 30 - july 14, 2019

During the exhibition, a series of site-specific, assemblage sculptures will be enlivened through music, performances, workshops, cooking, storytelling, art making, skateboarding, and more, in “activations” led by the artist’s collaborators from Mexico City and invited community partners from Austin.

Allora & Calzadilla participates in Walker Art Center in Minneapolis with her exhibition Chalk
allora & calzadilla: chalk
walker art center - minneapolis february 14, 2019 - february 2, 2020

Human-size sticks of chalk—each 64 inches long and approximately 120 pounds—fill Gallery 7, which has been transformed into an environment open to spontaneous mark-making. 

apichatpong weerasethakul participates in national museum cardiff - cardiff with its exhibition artes mundi 8
apichatpong weerasethakul - artes mundi 8
national museum cardiff - cardiff october 26, 2018 - february 24, 2019

Artes Mundi 8, the most ambitious contemporary visual art exhibition in Wales and the largest art prize in the UK.

Alexandra Bachzetsis participates in Theaterhaus Gessnerallee in Zurich with her exhibition Escape Act
alexandra bachzetsis - escape act - swiss premiere
theaterhaus gessnerallee - zurich january 17 - 20, 2019

Alexandra Bachzetsis creates a poetic device that allows the viewer to "perceive" the technical and socially constructed dimensions of desire. The piece gathers seven living bodies and a multitude of objects that connect and disconnect to form different desiring machines. 

rirkrit tiravanija participate in remai modern - saskatoon with tomorrow is the question
rirkrit tiravanija - tomorrow is the question
remai modern - saskatoon january 19 - march 24, 2019

Five ping pong tables are set up in parallel inside the Remai Modern Gallery as part of Rirkrit'stiravanija  tomorrow is the question.

Nairy Baghramian participates in MUDAM in Luxembourg with her exhibition beliebte stellen/privileged points
nairy baghramian - beliebte stellen/privileged points
mudam - luxembourg january 19 - september 22, 2019

Beliete stellen / Privieged Points is a series of works by the artist Nairy Baghramian, who approaches her institutional environment with different colors and volumes.

 danh vo - noguchi for danh vo participates in m + pavilion, west kowloon - hong kong with its counterpoint exhibition
danh vo - noguchi for danh vo: counterpoint
m + pavilion, west kowloon - hong kong november 16, 2018 - april 22, 2019

Noguchi for Danh Vo: Counterpoint presents works of art and design by celebrated modern sculptor Isamu Noguchi (American, 1904-1988) in dialogue with the work of Danh Vo (Danish, born Vietnam, 1975).

Danh vo participates in Casa Luis Barragan in Mexico City with her exhibition Garden with Pigeons in Flight
danh vo - garden with pigeons in flight
casa luis barragan - mexico city november 5, 2018 - january 13, 2019

Danh Vo reveals the invisible systems that work behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the house, as well as the conservation efforts made by its staff.

akram zaatari participate in turner contemporary - inglaterra with the script
akram zaatari - the script
turner contemporary - england october 19, 2018 - january 6, 2019

Akram Zaatari is an internationally renowned Lebanese artist whose work is based on researching and studying the photographic record in the context of modern Arab societies. Through his practice Zaatari seeks to explore people’s attitudes while filming or photographing themselves.

nairy baghramian in - le Festival d'Automne à Paris
nairy baghramian in - le Festival d'Automne à Paris
beaux-arts - paris october 13, 2018 - january 6, 2019

Nairy Baghramian is the guest of the Autumn Festival 2018 in Paris.


haegue yang - chronotopic traverses
haegue yang - chronotopic traverses
la panacée - montpellier october 13, 2018 - january 13, 2019

This publication is printed on the occasion of Haegue Yang’s solo exhibition of the same title at La Panacée – MoCo in Montpellier. Chronotopic Traverses brings together unexpected arrangements of Yang’s versatile sculptures of various materials against a backdrop of a panoramic and dramatic wallpaper titled Incubation and Exhaustion (2018, in collaboration with Manuel Raeder).

Mariana Castillo Deball participates in Reva and David Logan Center for the Arts, University of Chicago in Chicago with her exhibition Petlacoatl
mariana castillo deball - petlacoatl
reva and david logan center for the arts, university of chicago - chicago november 16, 2018 - january 13, 2019

Deball gives the title Petlacoatl to his first individual exhibition in Chicago, the title comes from taking up the Nahua word that means "mat woven with snakes that point in all directions".

gabriel kuri  participate in oakville galleries at centennial square - oakville wjth spending static to save gas
gabriel kuri - spending static to save gas
oakville galleries at centennial square - oakville september 23, 2018 – january 6, 2019

Encompassing work in sculpture, collage, installation and other media, Mexican-born, Brussels-based artist Gabriel Kuri frequently uses repurposed materials—natural, industrial and otherwise—to link questions of form with larger conversations surrounding how commodities are valued, circulated and assigned function. Inspired as readily by the principles of minimalism as by material histories, Kuri's works highlight the contingent and vernacular life of a given material or object alongside its more rational or systematic utility.

Dr. Lakra participates in White Columns in New York with her solo exhibition
dr. lakra
white columns - new york september 27 - december 15, 2018

In White Columns, Dr. Lakra will present some recent, never before-seen collages. 

akram zaatari participate in  kochi-muziris biennale with possibilities for a non-alienated life - india 2018
akram zaatari in - kochi-muziris biennale 2018
possibilities for a non-alienated life - india december 12, 2018 - march 29, 2019

Kochi Biennale Foundation is pleased to share a curatorial note for the fourth edition of the Kochi-Muziris Biennale, along with an expanded list of participating artists.


Akram Zaatari participates in Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinati with her exhibition The fold: space, time and the image
akram zaatari - the fold: space, time and the image
contemporary arts center - cincinnati october 5, 2018 - february 10, 2019

Zaatari discovered the photographs of Hashem El Madani (1928–2017), who recorded the lives of everyday individuals inside and outside his humble Saida studio in the late 1940s and 1950s.

sarah lucas -  au naturel
sarah lucas - au naturel
new museum - new york september 26, 2018 - january 20, 2019

Sarah Lucas (b.1962, London, UK) lives and works in Suffolk, UK. It was included in the now legendary group show Freeze (1988), organized by Damien Hirst at the Surrey Docks in London Docklands.

Leonor Antunes participates in Pirelli HangarBiccoca in Milan with her exhibition The Last Days in Galliate
leonor antunes - the last days in galliate
pirelli hangarbiccoca - milan september 13, 2018 - january 13, 2019

The Last Days in Galliate is Leonor Antunes first major exhibition in Italy, conceived as a complex installation that fills the 1,400 square metres on the space known as the shed at Pirelli HangarBicocca: the works, many of which are new productions, converge with the structural elements of context and the natural lightning, thus merging into a single narrative.​

minerva cuevas participate in galpao vb - sao paulo with dissidencia
minerva cuevas - dissidencia
galpao vb - sao paulo august 31 - december 15, 2018

Gathering seven videos and a slide show, dissidencia is Cuevas' first major individual in Brazil. Appropriating the language of marketing and advertising frequently, many of his works dialogue with icons of pop culture to rethink social relations, the role of large corporations in the production of food and the use of natural resources.

Anri Sala participates in Garage Museum of Contemporary Art in Moscow with her exhibition The Last Resort
anri sala - the last resort
garage museum of contemporary art - moscow september 29, 2018 - january 27, 2019

In response to the architecture and acoustics of the space where The Last Resort is being exhibited, artist Anri Sala has developed a site-specific instllation with thirty-eight drums supended from the ceiling.

damián ortega participate in garage museum of contemporary art - moscow with the modern garden
damián ortega - the modern garden
garage museum of contemporary art - moscow september 29, 2018 - february 28, 2019

From September 2018, Garage Square will be occupied by a newly commissioned, large-scale installation by Damián Ortega. 

abraham cruzvillegas and bárbara foulkes participate in art basel miami beach - grand ballroom with autorreconstrucción: to insist, to insist, to insist
abraham cruzvillegas and bárbara foulkes - autorreconstrucción: to insist, to insist, to insist
art basel miami beach - grand ballroom december 6 - 9, 2018 - 3 pm y 5 pm

kurimanzutto is pleased to announce that Art Basel and The Kitchen will present the multidisciplinary installation of Mexican artist Abraham Cruzvillegas and Argentine choreographer Bárbara Foulkes at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Anri Sala participates in The Store x, 180 The Stand en Londres with her exhibition Strange Days: Memories of The Future
anri sala in - strange days: memories of the future
the store x, 180 the stand - london october 2 - december 9, 2018

The exhibition will present the work of twenty-one acclaimed artists and filmmakers who have shown video works at the New Museum in its ten years on the Bowery.

danh vō participate in statens museum for kunst - copenhague with his work take my breath away
danh vō - take my breath away
statens museum for kunst - copenhague august 30 - december 2, 2018

Danh Vō: Take My Breath Away arranged by Statens Museum for Kunst  in co-operation with The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in New York, shows the most comprehensive overview ever presented on Danish soil of the work of one of the greatest contemporary artists of Denmark.

Mariana Castillo Deball y Diana Magaloni participating in Museo Amparo in Puebla with her exhibition In Tlilli In Tlapalli
mariana castillo deball y diana magaloni - in tlilli in tlapalli
museo amparo - puebla september 1 - november 12, 2018

The exhibition gathers colonial codices from the Biblioteca Nacional de Antropología e Historia (National Library of Anthropology and History) and map-paintings from the Archivo General de la Nación (General Archive of the Nation), together with the encyclopedic project known as the Florentine Codex housed in the Biblioteca Medicea Laurenziana, in Florence, Italy. Together, the documents examine the indigenous point of view on the conquest and the processes of survival, negotiation, and creation of a new land.


haegue yang participates in tate liverpool biennial - liverpoo with beautiful world, where are you?
haegue yang - beautiful world, where are you?
tate liverpool biennial - liverpool july 14 - october 28, 2018

Yang’s practice spans a wide range of media, from paper collage to performative sculpture and large-scale multi-sensorial installation, often featuring everyday objects, in addition to labour-intensive woven sculptures.

Haegue Yang participates in Fondazione Furla in Milan with her exhibition Tightrope Walking and Its Wordless Shadow
haegue yang - tightrope walking and its wordless shadow
fondazione furla - milan september 7 - november 4, 2018

This exhibtion it points to her deep engagement with the unspoken: the urge to create a language as subtle and delicate as a tightrope walk, where movement becomes powerfully dynamic and charged with both emotional and perceptual tension. 

damián ortega, apichatpong weerasethakul, leonor antunes and adrián villar rojas participa imagined borders - gwangju con in gwangju biennale
damián ortega, apichatpong weerasethakul, leonor antunes and adrián villar rojas in gwangju biennale
imagined borders - gwangju september 7 – november 11, 2018

The 12th Gwangju Biennale’s Imagined Borders is a guiding concept that responds to the current times of change and uncertainty by recognizing the limits of grand narratives, singular authorship and the necessity to return to the complexities of multiple voices and perspectives. Seven exhibitions, spread across the city at the Gwangju Biennale Exhibition Hall, the Asia Culture Center, and other historical sites, will present responses to the imagination of borders—as historical and real, experiential and abstract, imaginary and transgressive.


Nairy Baghramian participates in Palacio de Cristal in Madrid with her exhibition Breathing Spell (Un respiro)
nairy baghramian - breathing spell (un respiro)
palacio de cristal - madrid may 17 - october 14, 2018

The sculptures and installations of Nairy Baghramian update inherited forms and concepts to deal with notions such as functionality, abstraction or feminism. With clear references to the History of Art and modern architecture, specifically to minimalism and surrealism, the artist questions the tensions between function and ornament, industry and crafts, among others. 

Haegue Yang participates in hamburger kunsthalle in Hamburg with her exhibition In again and Against
haegue yang in - again and against
hamburger kunsthalle - hamburg december 15, 2017 - december 9, 2018

Works from the museum’s holdings of international contemporary art are brought into oftentimes surprising and unconventional situations of dialogue: Sigmar Polke/Haegue Yang, Maria Lassnig/Georg Baselitz, Neo Rauch/Tony Cragg, Georg Baselitz/Mike Kelley, Vajiko Chachkhiani/Peter Doig among others.

dr. lakra participates in Museo de la Ciudad in Queretaro with her exhibition yurugu dr.lakra en diálogo con rené bustamante
dr. lakra - yurugu diálogo entre dr. lakra y rené bustamante
museo de la ciudad - querétaro september 28 - november 25, 2018

Many of the works, both contemporary and ritual, contains symbols and concepts that seek to show the invisible. Its strength and visual and aesthetic impact come from this symbolic load, precisely because they convey ideas and concepts that go beyond the everyday and utilitarian.

Apichatpong Weerasethakul participates in Núcleo de Arte da Oliva in Portugal with her exhibition The Serenity of Madness
apichatpong weerasethakul - the serenity of madness
núcleo de arte da oliva - portugal june 22 - september 2, 2018

The Serenity of Madness is structured into distinct sections: one corresponding to the artist’s private world, peopled with friends, family and long-time collaborators; another takes up the public sphere but with a more abstract dimension of experience, utilizing light, memory and temporal, spatial, and spiritual displacement. The survey culminates with a selection of recent work addressing the social reality in his homeland.

Damián Ortega participtes in Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale 2018 in Tsunan with her exhibition warp cloud
damián ortega - warp cloud
echigo-tsumari art triennial - tsunan july 29 - september 17, 2018

Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale is one of the most important art festivals in the world and is held every three years in the Echigo-Tsumari region since 2000. Over the years the triennial has taken place in a rural area that expresses human coexistence with nature. The region currently suffers a rapid aging and depopulation due to globalization, so Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennale aims for international artists to develop projects using art as a catalyst for rural values ​​to revitalize the region.

Haegue Yang participates in Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane with her exhibition triple vita nestings
haegue yang - triple vita nestings
institute of modern art - brisbane june 30 - august 30, 2018

Triple Vita Nestings uses formal strategies—such as layering, doubling, splitting, and merging— to reveal how individual subjects are embedded in the lives, stories, and contexts of others. 

Leonor Antunes participates in Museo Tamayo in Mexico City with her exhibition Discrepancies With C.P
leonor antunes - discrepancies with c.p.
museo tamayo - mexico city june 8 - september 2, 2018

Her sculptures and interventions transform, in a certain way, the places where they are placed, and explore notions that are normally associated with the architectural, the planned and the built-such as measurement, proportion or scale. Paradoxically, Antunes has a systematic work methodology that incorporates randomness and arbitrariness as part of its raw material, which gives autonomy to the subject and gives its forms a specific meaning.


Roman Ondak participates in Kunstforum Ostdeutsche Galerie Regensburg in Regensburg with her exhibition Based on True Events
roman ondak - based on true events
kunstforum ostdeutsche galerie regensburg - regensburg may 19 - september 9, 2018

In the exhibition Based on True Events, the Slovak artist Roman Ondak deals with the current social and political imponderables. 

Abraham Cruzvillegas participtes in The Kitchen in New York with her exhibition Autoreconstrucción: to insist, to insist, to insist
abraham cruzvillegas - autoreconstrucción: to insist, to insist, to insist
the kitchen - new york april 5 – 7, 2018

This work will be activated in a twenty-minute performance by choreographer Bárbara Foulkes, whose improvised, aerial dance mirrors the suspension of the objects on display. The performance features musical intervention by Andrés García Nestitla. Organized by Tim Griffin and Rachel Valinsky.

Roman Ondak participates in Base/ Progetti Per l'arte in Florence with her exhibition Objects In The Mirror
roman ondak - objects in the mirror
base/ progetti per l'arte - florence march 14 - may 21, 2018

The intervention entitled Objects in the Mirror, created specifically for the non-profit space of BASE, confirms the interest of the famous Slovak neo-conceptual artist to create unprecedented experiences with which to shift the public's attention on the methods of discovery, perception and practice both of reality and of the experience of art.

jimmie durham - god's children, god's poems
jimmie durham - god's children, god's poems
muzeum sztuki - lodz march 2 - may 13, 2018

Jimmie Durham questions current standards of human - animal relations. 

Haegue Yang participtes in Museum Ludwig  in Cologne with her exhibition Eta 1994–2018
haegue yang - eta 1994–2018
museum ludwig - cologne april 18 – august 12, 2018

The exhibition will begin with Yang’s first venetian blind installation from her 2006 Series of Vulnerable Arrangements - the 2006 Version Utrecht, an immersive and sensorial experience unfolding from a composition of various materials and the simultaneous use of wind, scents, light, and heat. Within this arrangement, video essays document the artist’s travels through cities around the world and convey feelings of home, isolation, and dislocation associated with her itineracy in quite personal commentaries.

Abraham Cruzvillegas and Haegue Yang participates en 21st Biennale of Sydney in Sydney with her exhibition Superposition: Equilibrium and Engagement
abraham cruzvillegas and haegue yang in superposition: equilibrium and engagement
21st biennale of sydney - sydney march 16 - june 11, 2018

SUPERPOSITION: Equilibrium and Engagement will examine the state of ‘superposition’ by examining how it might operate in the world today. We are surrounded by conflicting ideas across all levels of humanity: different cultures; readings of nature and the universe; political ideologies and systems of government; interpretations of human history, the history of art and definitions of contemporary art.

Mariana Castillo Deball participates in Scad Museum of Art in Savannah with her exhibition To-Day, February 20th
mariana castillo deball - to-day, february 20th
scad museum of art - savannah february 20 - august 5, 2018

For her exhibition at the SCAD Museum of Art, Castillo Deball presents the most recent iteration of the project "To-Day," which combines historical research about a specific site and a physical form that contains this research, which the artist calls a "fictional character."

Carlos Amorales participates in MUAC in Mexico City with her exhibition Axiomas para la acción
carlos amorales - axiomas para la acción
muac - mexico city february 10 - september 16, 2018

Axiomas para la acción is a review of twenty-two years of Carlos Amorales' career proposed as an exhibition that emphasizes the conceptual aspects of his work. 

Apichatpong Weerasethakul participates in Postillion Convention Centre WTC in Rotterdam with her exhibition sleepcinemahotel
apichatpong weerasethakul - sleepcinemahotel
sleepcinemahotel - rotterdam january 25 - 29, 2018

A serene, immersive film environment where falling asleep is allowed: that’s one way to describe Apichatpong Weerasethakul’s SLEEPCINEMAHOTEL, a unique one-off project during IFFR 2018. 

Carlos Amorales participates in Museo de la Tertulia in Cali with her exhibition Herramientas de Trabajo
carlos amorales - herramientas de trabajo
museo la tertulia - cali december 14, 2017 - april 1, 2018

The artist is mainly interested in language and the impossibility or possibility of communication through non-recognizable or un-codifed forms such as sounds, gestures and symbols, experiencing at the same time, the limits of image and sign through different mediums such as animation, video, cinema, drawing, installation, performance and sound.

Alexandra Bachzetsis participates in Museo del Novecento in Milan with her exhibition Private: wear a mask when you talk to me
alexandra bachzetsis - private: wear a mask when you talk to me
museo del novecento - milan november 29 - november 30, 2017

In private there are Oriental drag queen dances, gym and western yoga exercises mutating into football and porn poses, stock moves from theatrical training for advertising and the repetition of Michael Jackson’s rituals by teenagers. There is Trisha Brown transitioning into Rembetiko, and a single voice fighting to survive national and gender identity social theaters.

Mariana Castillo Deball participates in Galerie Wedding in Berlin with her exhibition Pleasures of Association, and Poissons, Such as Love
mariana castillo deball - pleasures of association, and poissons, such as love
Galerie Wedding - Berlin October 6 - November 4, 2017

The starting point for the artist’s work is her enthusiasm for fossils and their association with lithography as well as the change in evolutionary research during technical development. Mariana Castillo Deball’s Pleasures of Association, and Poissons, such as Love thematizes the rivalry between different techniques for creating scientific »facts«, each showing a different view of Evolution.